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1 Workout – 1 Thought – 1 Quote

by Cory Gregory | 4.3.23
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Dumbbell Shred #54: Legs & Abs, the power of building streaks, and Arnold fire quotes


Dumbbell Shred #54: Badass Female Athlete Ed. – Legs & Abs

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Warmup, then run best mile


Bodyweight Squats: 10 reps holding 1 dumbbell, heels up
Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 10 reps


Split Squats: 8 reps per leg
Walking Lunges: 30 seconds


Wide Stance Box Squats: 30 seconds
Narrow Stance Feet Release: 30 seconds


100 reps with 10 lb plate behind head


Run 1 more mile or Ruck 30 minutes


Walk on Incline: 10-20 minutes


Build a Streak You’re Proud of

The power of building streaks 🚀

It’s difficult to put into words. In the gym, Lunge & Learn, journaling, meditating, reading, etc. etc. For me, the two streaks that I’m most proud of are my Lunge & Learn streak and my training every day streak.

Lunge and Learn consists of lunging 400-800 meters while listening to personal development material and training every day.


Put together streaks that you’re proud of.

Ask yourself: what streaks can I start that will make a massive impact in my life? Here are a few suggestions 👇

#1 Go to the gym… you’re never going to regret going to the gym

#2 Daily GPP (general physical preparedness)… walking, running, lunging, whatever it is

#3 Journaling… Everyone’s version is different, give it a go

#4 Audiobook/Podcast/Relationships… Podcasts, audiobooks, relationships, etc.


Streaks create momentum. Momentum creates confidence. Confidence creates results. Results create a better way of life.


“Nothing tastes as good as being a champion.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

Fun fact… this quote is from an interview I did with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the old location of Old School Gym. He said he would think about these words every time he wanted to have a cheat meal during his prep.

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