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The every day process

Wake up earlier. Whether it’s 20 minutes earlier or two hours earlier. Stop resisting it.

Allocating more time for you in the morning allows you to take care of business. Committing to waking up earlier teaches you how to be consistent and how to handle discomfort.

If you don’t make excuses, you win.


The 30-minute commitment

Commit to moving for 30 minutes every day.

It can be lifting, walking, running, biking, or lunging. It doesn’t matter.


Commit to learning for 30 minutes every day.

Listen to an audiobook, a podcast, or read a book. Make sharpening your mind mandatory.


It’s all about being consistent. It’s all about being disciplined. It’s all about creating positive momentum.

It’s a numbers game. Thirty minutes a day, compounded over time, creates massive results. 


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