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Treat yourself like a science project

Foods are a big reason why people feel a certain way.

Do you know where to start? Do you know what foods you should eat? Do you know what foods make you feel at your best?


People add or take away

The people around you are either giving or taking from your life. I’m a glass half-full type of guy, never glass half-empty. It’s the way I operate.

I’m allergic to drama. If you bring drama into my life I simply won’t tolerate it and I’ll make a hard cut. I only surround myself with people who I find inspiring and who will push me.


Habits are ongoing

The habits you choose are an ongoing addition & subtraction problem.

What habits are you going to add to your routine? What habits are you going to subtract?

Add the ones that work and that make your life better. Subtract the ones that don’t work and make your life worse.

The answers are in the feedback.


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