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Need help?

In this post, we’re going to go over where to begin:

πŸ‘‰ How the CoryG system works

πŸ‘‰ The homepage

πŸ‘‰ The main menu

πŸ‘‰ G-Social

πŸ‘‰ Other helpful nuggets

How the CoryG system works

Thanks again for being a member here at CoryG Fitness!

We’re thrilled to have you.

What can you expect going forward? That’s what this entire post is about.

Step 1 – If you haven’t already downloaded the CoryG Fitness App on the App Store, please do so here.

New Member?

Start on the top slider of the App. Start at slide 1, then swipe over!

CoryG takes you through his 4-step system: Diet/Anabolic Fasting, Training programs, Lunge & Learn (conditioning), Supplementation, and Commonly Asked Questions!

*Special Note: Please please don’t skip this step! This will answer 90% of your questions

The homepage

Top slider

Contains all new member information


Daily blog

Where all new daily content goes!

The daily blog post contains CoryG’s personal regimen and some recycled content.

*This is the perfect place to ask your questions. Post in the comments!



Articles on mindset, motivation, training, nutrition and more posted daily



All training videos, Knowledge Bombs (training tips), Daily Fires (mindset & motivation), and more posted here every day.


Workout plans

All workout plans can be found here.

Get Stacked = found in the bottom menu of the app

Get Stacked for Athletes = found in the bottom menu of the app

Golden Era Swole = found in the Get Stacked section

Dumbbell Shred = found in the top left main menu

Coach Kiki = found in the top left main menu > Kiki > Training


Kiki McClellan

Woman-specific content on the app. Nutrition, training and mindset.

*Also can be found in the top left main menu under Kiki McClellan

Main menu

Contest registration

Keep up with current contest registration information (i.e. #IWANTABZ)



CoryG’s own in-app twitter feed. Ask your questions, post pictures, and interact with other members.


New members

Another section to check out – dedicated to new members


Daily Blog

Takes you to the daily blog



Takes you to the articles section


Daily challenge

Takes you to a daily workout challenge


Get Stacked

Takes you to all the Get Stacked programs


Dumbbell Shred

Takes you to all the Dumbbell Shred programs


Random ass workouts

All other programs. Squat trainers, power trainers, and other workouts.



More trainers and specialty programs!


Kiki McClellan

All content related to Coach Kiki



Check out Max Effort Muscle!



Free e-books!


Version 1 recently launched!Β 

The idea behind G-Social was to provide an in-app Twitter. Post pictures and videos, interact with members, and ask all your questions!

*Can be found in the bottom menu or top left main menu.

Other helpful nuggets


Wanna book mark a workout or a video? Simply click theΒ ribbon icon next to the cover image.

*You can view all favorites on the bottom right of the homepage bottom menu



G-TV in the bottom menu takes you to ALL video categories

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