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🚨 PSA #IWANTABZ Special Announcement!!

Registration closes on Wednesday February 15 at midnight!!

Podcasting with 2022 #IWANTABZ Winner, Travis Coxworth


Lost 37 lbs in 12 weeks!

“I regret throwing some weight back on toward the end of last year, but you can’t control everything. Braves World Series and UGA National Championship led to a lot of extra beers and bad food. I wasn’t fully committed to Anabolic Fasting not having a date/goal on the calendar.

Then that led straight into holiday meals of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. Was also dealing with some lower back/psoas injuries so I didn’t push myself like I should have (still not 100% yet, but making it work). It all just spiraled together and I got tired of what I looked like in the mirror compared to what I had just accomplished back in March. (This aspect really hit home on the AF Mini Cast with Jake Emery on burning out).

That all changed when I entered the contest again. Switch was flipped having that date on the calendar and I now know going forward that I always need a date to aim for in my life.”

2023 #IWANTABZ Contest

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