What I Love About Lunges

You can do them anywhere. Right now, I’m going up my cul-de-sac. It’s about 600 meters, slightly uphill. I literally can walk right out my front door, put my knee sleeves on, and lunge straight up my road.

I have no excuse.

I’ve lunged in the hallways of a cruise ship. I’ve lunged down the hallway in the fucking Bellagio in Vegas. I’ve lunged on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I lunged on a fucking golf course in Ireland. I lunged on a golf course in Scotland. Literally everywhere.

Even during the pandemic, you could still get them in. Even if you lived in New York City… you could still lunge in your apartment or wherever you were stuck.

Yeah, if you’re injured, you can’t do them. I get that. I’ve experienced this very thing multiple times throughout my career. But if you’re just being soft and weak-minded, then that’s something else entirely.

Strive to Be Better

Lunges are hard, but pay dividends many times over. Faster metabolism, stronger lower body, prevents injury, increases connective tissue durability, and more.

There’s a starting point for everyone, no matter the level of skill. You could start at literally one minute. Once you have a stronghold on one minute, move to two minutes, then 200 meters, and so on.

Are you on the tracks or off the tracks? If you’ve fallen off the tracks, fucking check yourself.

Lunges are the difference-maker, especially when they’re coupled with learning and refining your craft with podcasts and audiobooks. Think about the compounded effect of working on yourself every single day while you lunge. We’re talking hours and hours of audiobooks and podcasts that will help you develop as a person.

Are you going to be a part of that 1%?

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    Mason Upton

    Consistency with lunges leads to consistency in everything else(eating, self-improvement, etc)I know what it’s like to fall off and lunges were the biggest factor in getting back on track.

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    Hey guys, so I posted something about my injury a couple months back. It looks like I have bone marrow Edema in my right hip. Anyone else have or had this problem?

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