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“Consistency is the Superpower.”

You don’t have to be crazy talented in order to be consistent.

Are you willing to be consistent enough to get what you want?

Being consistent is FREE.

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Consistency is for everyone. What if being consistent is the biggest determining factor on whether or not you succeed? I believe it is.

You’re going to succeed and you’re going to fail. But each experience marks another notch on the confidence belt.

You don’t have to be gifted to be consistent.

Make it your own superpower.


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Daily Consistency = Massive Results
The Compound Effect
Darren Hardy

Do you understand the law of compounding? If not, or you’ve never even heard of it, watch this video and pick up Darren Hardy’s book. Quick but powerful read.

Do you have the patience and discipline to make the small, unsexy (but smart) decisions over time? The results are MASSIVE later down the line, but the small decisions you have to make along the way feel so small and insignificant. Don’t sleep on the law of compounding!

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