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“What’s Possible in One Year?”

Take a second and look back over the past year.  How much has changed?  Are you proud of yourself, or do you think that you fell short in some areas?

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New HQ.
New location of Old School.
A whole new way of operating.

My mind is blown.  Why does it seem like it’s been much longer?  Being focused and being intentional.  My team and I have been locked in at a high level.

What can you focus and dial in on for the next year? 



How do you stay focused on your goals? 

GaryVee & Casey Neistat

Don’t let the external world – parents, friends, society, etc. – dictate what you do next.  Surround yourself with people that are going to support you.  You can do 10 things poorly OR one thing extremely well.  Get better at saying No.