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The Get Stacked Program: 20 years in the making…  

What initially started as a curiosity on volume-based training and combing through pages of the old muscle magazines of Arnold & Franco Columbu, I began to finally apply these principles early on in my bodybuilding career.

I was fortunate enough to take my fitness and powerlifting education to another level, learning from Louie and other world-class powerlifters of Westside Barbell.  Applying the conjugate method to train and develop more power for the Big 3.

Then we have the craziness of John Broz of Average Broz Gym in Las Vegas.  John understands the Bulgarian Method of squatting every day on a deep level, which has helped my strength, confidence and effectiveness to be an overall better lifter.

From here, I experimented to find the optimal dose of these principles to look good AND be strong.  Not only this, but to be able to place in a bodybuilding show and be an elite powerlifter at the same time. That was the focus of the Get Stacked Plan.

People get tripped out because Get Stacked literally has the ability to do it all: bodybuilding, powerlifting, bulking or cutting.  I’ll tell you why.  When we’re bulking or putting on size, it’s all about the diet and conditioning.  The training and supplements will make it happen and fall into place.  On the flip side, when cutting it’s all about the diet, training and the conditioning.

The constant variable in the Get Stacked Program represents principles from the Golden Era of bodybuilding, Bulgarian& Russian methods with my personal twist.

These methodologies combined, plus 20 years of professional experience, has morphed into a training philosophy that is working for thousands of people worldwide.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to GET STACKED

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    Kevin Taylor

    G! I had one of those weekends where I strayed a bit too far due to family being in town. Went a little overboard and ate a bunch of meals out Friday and Saturday. I snapped back into AF yesterday for my noon and evening meals then had my normal carb spike. Woke up feeling the best and tightest I’ve ever felt this morning. Though I know this is something that’s only possible once in awhile in moderation, I just can’t stress it enough – the AF/GS lifestyle is UNREAL.

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    Marcin Szczepanski

    Put all the shoulder work we’ve been doing the last several months to work Saturday night. German bar kicked off Octoberfest with a beer stein holding contest; 30oz of beer held straight out with arm locked out for as long as possible, smoked the entire bar. Haha, so there’s that. Let’s goooo!

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    Dan Walsh

    First GS workout today was awesome, I did the max bench today and high rep DB movements I’ll do tomorrow. It just works better for my shoulders. I also Back Squat M/W/F then front squat T/TH because I want to build up my back squat. Anyway set 3 PRs on the first day, 295 bench for 1, 335 back squat for 3, and 18 pullups. Mindset is everything, thanks for the site G, loving everything you guys preach.

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