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    Hey G, I’ve gotta crazy work schedule tomorrow and am gonna have to split up my workout to abs and lunges at one point, and my main lifts at another. Would you recommend abs and lunges in the morning or afternoon with the main lift in the other?

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      Kyle Allan

      Hey James I’ll let G answer this one but I have had this issue before. Life happens! I like to get my lifting portion do first then do abs and lunges for the second portion later in the day!

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        PJ Connell

        I’m the same way james- I honestly don’t think it matters, but for me I feel better getting the conditioning (lunges) in while fasted, and abs first also that keeps me from not skipping them lol just my 2cents! Kicks ass man

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    Adam Shadi

    Hey CoryG, I am just getting back into working out after a long hiatus and working from home all the time with little to no activity. While working out, before even doing lunges, I am gassed and my heart rate is usually somewhere in the 190s. Would you recommend splitting up abs and lunges about 8-10 hours later in the day? From what I have read, two-a-days can help with muscle growth and fat burning.

    Also, I live about 20 minutes from Newark and was wondering if I could come to buy Max Effort supplements in person rather than having it shipped.


    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory

      Hey Adam yes split them up that’s no issue at all & sorry man we don’t have a pick up option I’m sorry.
      Glad you back in the game my brother !!!!

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    Hey Cory – The Anabolic Fasting videos cover a lot of ground and are very helpful. One thing I struggle with that isn’t covered is getting enough fats. I’m allergic to avocados so I try to get fat elsewhere. Besides what comes up on google, any high-fat foods you can recommend to help bridge the gap? Currently not eating enough of them and I think it’s stalling any progress. Currently eating ground turkey, beef (ground w/ an occasional steak), chicken breast, broccoli, green beans, zucchini, asparagus, spinach and PB at night. Thanks in advance.

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    Dan Walsh

    Cory, I train in the afternoon around 4 pm and wake up at around 4 am for work so training in the morning is not an option. I love the pre from MEM but I’ve noticed I’m having a really difficult time going to sleep and only getting a couple hours of sleep a night. I believe it is from the caffeine in the pre but my workouts have been going so well. What do you think I should do? I don’t want to stop taking it because I’ve been making good progress but I feel like this sleeping pattern long term won’t be good for me.

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    Quick question about carb spiking G, I recently switched to 2nd shift (3:30PM-11:30PM) and my eating window is typically 5PM-1AM due to I try to workout right after work, take post, drive home, spike at 1AM then bed on an ideal day. 2-3 days a week I work overtime (16 hours) and don’t get off until 7:30AM. Should I still be carb spiking at 1AM if I am not going to sleep normal time (working a double) or not carb spike at all since I would not be getting to bed until 8AM on these days.

    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory

      I would just push & carb spike later on those days & see how it goes man they key is prior to bed & when you are recovering

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    New to the program, and been in the Anabolic Fasting for 2 weeks now, wanted to know what your supplement schedule was during the week? When you take fat burners, creatine, BCAAs and any other supplements you take during the day!

    Love the program, the products and the content!!

    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory

      Hey brother what’s good!I take my amino recovery 2 scoop in a gallon jug & drink all day long. I take my fat burners prior to lunging each day & when I take creatine is post workout when I am nit cutting weight.

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    Wassup big G I want to gain weight but keep my abs. What workout and diet plan of yours would you recommend!

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    What up G?! Just started your program(s) this week but been following you for a long time! Loving it so far! Can’t wait to see where I’m at in a couple weeks/months and so on. I was wondering about your thought on where eggs fall in the diet – protein or fats? or both? I know we obviously aren’t eating breakfast (following the 12p-9p eating window). But was curious if eggs were a good idea for lunch with some turkey meat, veggies and avocado, etc.? Thoughts??

    Thanks man!!!

    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory

      Eggs can be used as a protein but I wouldn’t do it everyday & hell yea man glad you gave it a try!! let me know if you have anymore questions

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