6 thoughts on “The Chalk Bowl

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    Tim Putman

    Hey G, with it getting down to the last few weeks of prep for opba I was looking at working up to possible second attempts next week and then openers the following before a deload. How should we back off squatting everyday and what does the week of a bodybuilding show consist of? Never done bodybuilding but I’ve done powerlifting

    • Cory Gregory
      Cory Gregory Post author

      Tim great question!
      I will lift through Wednesday but just for a pump.
      I will also taper off heavy squats to just getting warmed up and groove a light weight. Then on game day it’s gonna be great!

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    Clay Finklea


    That was pretty sweet.
    Have a question for you. I know you are waking yourself up crazy early everyday. What time are you heading to bed with that lifestyle?

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    Hey cory g, i need some advice! I’m in somewhat of a plateau with my gains and I’m not sure how to progress from here. I’ve been doing the squat life plans for awhile probably like 10-12 months and I’m not getting any bigger. i was thinking maybe it was from over training since I’m working out 6 days a week but I’m not too sure about that topic. maybe i just need to step it up a bit? I’m doing AF as well and hit the gym around 4am and am in bed by 930pm.

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