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Old School Gym was packed. It’s early on a Monday.  Cory Gregory has returned from vacation, can this scenario get any better?!  Cory might have been on vacation, but he was ready to jump back in with the 4am Crew as he lead the way with front squats and banded deadlifts from Get Stacked 26. It was undeniable that The Midwest Mecca was on another level with Cory back in the building.

So let’s talk vacation.  We all saw that ab shot that Cory hit, pretty gnarly, right? This shows several important things in regards to vacations:

  1. Routines are good, but it’s okay to deviate from them at times.  Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about how it’s okay to have some dysfunction in life.  With the Anabolic Fasting and Get Stacked combination, Cory G has set up a great way to be able to have some dysfunction while still seeing crazy results.   
  2. Training is important, but sometimes it’s just as important to hit the reset button.  This will allow your body to recover and make you even hungrier to hit the gym hard.
  3. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that life holds.  Some people have a legitimate fear that they  will lose their progress from the gym if they switch their schedule, and this often isn’t true.  Don’t let your habits, good or bad, restrict what you do!

Enjoy yourself out there and keep working hard!


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    Tim Putman

    Hey G, one month out from opba and have squat 355, pulled 445, and benched 250 a low 150’s body weight!! Bench isn’t great but squat and deadlift are about where they were at 160, looking to compete at the 148 class

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