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It’s testing week at Old School Gym! This is a special time for the 4am Crew, and they get an inside look at Cory Gregory’s newest Bodybuilding and Powerlifting oriented program, Get Stacked. If you’re new here, Cory releases some of the best weightlifting programs every 4 weeks; the major key is the incorporation of powerlifting specific movements along with high volume bodybuilding training. This strategy does two important things.

  1. Subjects the muscle to a new stimulus, causing it to grow.
  2. Keeps going to the gym interesting, because who wants to do the same boring routine month after month?

For Get Stacked 26, the bands are staying. This accommodated resistance has been a major key, which was made apparent when several members of the Crew hit PRs on the back squat. In this clip, you see footage of a back oriented day that is in the works, further details cannot be provided at this time, but we CAN assure you that your back will be on a Cory G level (with time, of course)!

Be on the lookout for Get Stacked 26, it will be one to remember!


7 Replies to “Exercise #16 | Testing GetStacked 26”

  1. Avatar

    Angela Harvey

    GetStacked is the 💩💩💩. With anabolicfasting 🦄🦄🦄 my body is changing so much!! You’ve seen it Cory!! I’m wrapping up GS24 this week, and the changes I’ve noticed in the last few weeks (aside from being down 20lbs in 8 weeks!!!) is more noticeable separation in my quads,,, new separation (banding) in my calves & even my shins… I’ve unveiled some tricep action that has been in hiding for awhile…. Can almost make out some serratus and my obliques are coming in. And I’m super excited that I’m noticing my shoulders starting to cap!! All while putting up bigger and bigger numbers (#squateveryday #squatlife #bootygainz) I’ve never been this happy & self-assured training solo. I was so afraid of how my new combo of cancer meds was gonna affect training.. Energy & endurance and weight loss/gain. My oncologist had me off of them until I got through my 5k race 2 months ago because they tax the body so much. So these last 6-8 weeks have been a real test of what the next 10 years holds for me. It hasn’t been easy. But it’s been worth it pushing through and seeing crazy results in spite of not always being able to give 110% (my default setting) or with having to go slower and take more breaks. So now it’s just push harder, re-focus, refine, become more efficient (stay off my phone!) and see even better results!! Sorry for writing a book but I’m on fire and passionate about this process because it way exceeded my expectations. And I can’t wait to show GS25 what I got!! ❤️❤️❤️ thanks for everything, always!!

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    PJ Connell

    G- just listened to the last podcast about being happy to be back in the routine, (of course this was at 510am finishing up with my lunges after shoulder day before work) but damn this hit home! I been gonn the last 4 days on vacation and got back in a bit of a slump (drank too much beer lol) anyway this was my first 3am workout in a week and boom that podcast came on and read my mind! Thanks again for everything dude, these programs and AF got me looking and feeling like a freak and I love it keep it up!

  3. Avatar

    reid carper

    Hey G,

    The clip on my old reebok olympic lifters broke on Thursday tightening my strap-it was plastic.

    Do you know if the newer lifters clips are made of something better? Do not want to run into that problem again.

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