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The Get Stacked 25 band mania continues at the Midwest Mecca, Old School Gym. The 4am Crew continues their pursuit of greatness as they squat through three bands and add some static banded bench work into the already crazy Get Stacked chest day. This just goes to show that if you really want the results, you have to put in the work, pay attention to the small details, and be consistent.

You also see an exclusive view of an OSG photoshoot.  Some shots of the team that works behind the scenes at Old School are being captured! Even though Cory Gregory and Dustin Myers are the figureheads of the gym, there are others who put work in hours of work to make the ship sail smoothly.

It is easy to see through Cory G’s content with CoryGFitness, Max Effort Muscle, and Old School Gym that it is so important to surround yourself with a team that will support and challenge you. Whether it  be in the gym, or in business, surrounding yourself with good people never hurts!

4 Replies to “Exercise Log #15 | 1 Band, 2 Bands, 3 | GetStacked 25”

  1. Avatar

    Craig Doman

    Hey Cory,

    Do you have a release date for the max Effort baking mix yet? When it does, could you do an article and/or video of how you would incorporate it with AF & AF 4mass?


  2. Avatar

    Tyler Stierhoff

    Yo G, what’s your lunge protocol looking like these days? How many days/distance? Just curious for comparison. 400 is easy some days and bruttttalll some others.

    • Cory Gregory

      Cory Gregory

      Tyler its been non existent today was the first day I could lunge 400 with little to no pain. I made 300 then it got uncomfortable but I pushed through. I will never stretch again I heard my LCL I think pop when I was stretching I been battling it for 4 months but its almost better fuck stretching lol

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