Exercise #9 | Not Just A Pretty Face | GetStacked 25

Old School Gym was on full tilt Wednesday, the Old School atmosphere and Max Effort Muscle Preworkout had the 4am crew ready to get after it. Cory Gregory’s Get Stacked 25 incorporates multiple disciplines of fitness, as it includes not only the one of the best body building program, but also, one of the best powerlifting programs.

After a heavy deadlift session through bands, the 4am Crew was sprawled across the gym, following Get Stacked 25’s arm day. The Crew has seen crazy progress with the high volume and exercise variation in this plan.
The faces might not have been pretty, but the pumps were pretty nasty! To watch the best technique videos and see progress like Cory’s, head over to Corygfitness.com

EP.91 | Feet Up Bench Press | Knowledge Bombs

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The sun may not be up yet, but Cory Gregory, Dustin “Gutcheck” Myers, and the 4am Crew are smashing a chest workout at the Midwest Mecca, Old School Gym. The sounds of blaring classic hip hop and the ring of the iron all add up to an environment that hard core lifters travel hundreds of miles to experience. Old School is not just a gym, it’s a destination.

The Crew follows “Get Stacked,” a plan personally designed by Cory, which incorporates Golden Era style bodybuilding with powerlifting movements that pave the way for the development of the kind of physique made famous by bodybuilding legends like Arnold, Franco Columbu, and Frank Zane.

On top of this grueling chest workout, Cory hits a squat session, to continue his streak of squatting every day for nearly three years. The culmination of this unconventional training style and “Anabolic Fasting,” Gregory’s personally designed diet plan, has recently led to his 12th magazine cover, among many other impressive accolades. Cory makes it his mission to help others reach their goals, and you can find the best workouts, best training articles, and the best supplements at corygfitness.com and maxeffortmuscle.com.