MY 2017 GOALS – Family – GYM – Business

Posted by Cory Gregory on December 31 with 22 Comments

[s3bubbleVideoSingleJs bucket="coryg" track="2017 Goals .MP4" aspect="16:9" autoplay="false" advert_link="" disable_skip="false" /] 2017  Goals  Family Goals Think more about how my crazy effects everyone be more self aware  Make my kids be responsible & on task so...

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GOALS for 2017

Posted by Cory Gregory on December 29 with 34 Comments

I wanted to put a bird in your ear about starting to get your goals lined up for 2017. I am working on mine as we speak once I get them set up I will...

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Posted by Cory Gregory on December 27 with 44 Comments

NEW PODCAST - MUST LISTEN 2016 Greatest Hits    Woke Up 3am - 3 Fat Burners - ( new Max Effort TEST boost trial started today also) Body weight 200 lbs I am not gonna...

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Deadlift Advice – Franco Columbu

Posted by Cory Gregory on December 27 with 13 Comments QUICK INTRO For those of you that do not recognize the name... here's a quick introduction.  Born in Sardinia, Italy Franco began his extremely successful athletic career in the boxing ring, followed by Olympic...

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MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Gregory’s

Posted by Cory Gregory on December 25 with 18 Comments

I  just wanna wish everyone here a happy holiday. I appreciate each & everyone of you. We are a family here at CoryGfitness we sweat together,we PR together & we miss together. I look at...

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Nate Bachynski – Member Spotlight

Posted by Cory Gregory on December 24 with 3 Comments

From: @nbachynski36 ???????????? Yo Cory G! Now, I've only been a part of the corygfitness community for a couple months but I've been following you for a long time. I've listened to every episode of...

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