SUNDAY- Can’t Wait For Monday

Posted by Cory Gregory on January 15 with 7 Comments

Whats up everyone! Today we had a crazy family day Anden had his first wrestling tournament & he placed second so he was pumped! Madelyn also placed in her gymnastic meet so the we been...

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Posted by Cory Gregory on January 13 with 41 Comments

What's up everyone! Both Apps are up now go into the app stores & download them thx! Got up 3am - Body-weight 197 Bench Press - 315 for two different singles pretty solid ARMS GS19...

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Posted by Cory Gregory on January 11 with 54 Comments

Woke up 3am Diet - I followed Anabolic Fasting regular all week even though I been traveling. I'll be charting more often now as I start to cut down & get peeled up. Training Today:...

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It’s Simple –

Posted by Cory Gregory on January 10 with 23 Comments

"It's simple I just wanna lifts weights & help people" This site is the true showcase of my passion. Even though I didn't like school I enjoy teaching so much. I feel like at Corygfitness...

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Today in Detroit – Arnold’s Office- B&B EP.29

Posted by Cory Gregory on January 9 with 18 Comments

I am at the auto show in Detroit working alongside Reebok & Ford it's awesome. I gotta say it's unreal where fitness has taken me I can't believe I was lunging through the Ford booth...

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$50 Off RIGHT NOW! – 1 on 1 Training – Read More!

Posted by Cory Gregory on January 7 with 11 Comments Corey - (Right Side of The Picture) I started lifting and learning more about nutrition in high school. For the last couple years I have been following Cory Gregory's plans that he released....

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