EP. 87 | The Christmas Tree Lower Back | Knowledge Bombs

Posted by Cory Gregory on May 25 with 1


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Just Use 1 Wheel

Posted by Cory Gregory on May 24 with 11 Comments

When I was at Men's Health last week, I was looking through their gym for an ab wheel.  What I found instead was whole new varation right in front of my eyes.  Try taking 1 wheel off!  It's...

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Posted by Cory Gregory on May 23 with 17 Comments

https://media.s3bubble.com/embed/progressive/id/SWxw37176 Check out a quick preview to today's shots!                                            

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178 Today – AF Yesterday – Mini Water Drop

Posted by Cory Gregory on May 23 with 30 Comments

Woke up 245am - Body weight 178 My shoot starts around 530-6 today so I am pretty pumped I am grabbing stuff all day long so I'm excited!   I wanted to let ya'll know...

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I’m Always Ready

Posted by Cory Gregory on May 21 with 18 Comments

I just landed from Allentown, PA yesterday afternoon.  Totally whipped from eight hours of shooting prep for an exciting opportunity with Men's Health magazine.  I weighed about 178 lbs. for the shoot, being just slightly...

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Posted by Cory Gregory on May 21 with 15 Comments

I gotta say this prep has been awesome I feel lean& strong! I am looking at a power lifting meet including comp curl June 10th ha! I am also looking at Sept for the https://www.opbacomp.com/...

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